Included in Training and Work. Transforming policies and practices for people with disabilities

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Mitzi Waltz and around 30 co-authors


Mitzi Waltz



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In 2017, Disability Studies in Nederland launched a research process that culminated in a one-week NIAS-sponsored scientific workshop at the Lorentz Centre, University of Leiden. Experts with and without disabilities worked together to research, discuss and make evidence-based recommendations through pre-workshop working groups and during the intensive workshop process itself.

Our end goal was to create an evidence-based vision of what truly inclusive, talent-driven, effective vocational education would look like for adults with disabilities. This vision includes attention to the intersectional nature of the barriers faced by disabled people—the ways that disability intersects with race, ethnicity, gender, social class and normativity to produce the poor outcomes we all too often see today. Our participants contributed based on their knowledge of the best current research, and through their contributions we learned where the research base for current practices is strong, and developed a clear roadmap for necessary additional research.

This report summarises the results of this process.

The report is also published on PURE, the open source research archive of VU university.