Theme THE ART OF BELONGING inspires participants Disability Studies Conference

Only six weeks left before the International Disability Studies Conference takes off in CASA400, Amsterdam! The conference committee recieved over 100 abstracts. More than 170 participants registered for the conference from Thursday October 31 -  Saturday November 2.  

Online registration for the conference has started now! Please, register online here for the conference and for the pre conference workshops!

About the theme THE ART OF BELONGING

The theme of the conference is " the art of belonging" , a focus that traverses the tensions between disability experience, the art of living and belonging. It is every person’s right to belong, but belonging is much more than a right. It is something people have to learn and develop throughout life, through their personal experiences and social participation. It is individuals with disabilities finding their places in life, without compromising themselves for the purpose of ‘fitting in’ and nondisabled people finding their places in the world of disability.  Belonging is a state of mind, achieved through ongoing activity where shared spaces of interest and excitement are not only accessed, but also negotiated, and ultimately occupied. More than just being ‘at home,’ belonging requires overt, and sometimes political, action.

The art of belonging is a topic that is open to individual perspectives as well as to the exchange between personal and public perspectives. The Second Disability Studies Conference has a cross-disability perspective, aims at the participation of people with and without disabilities and their allies, and invites people from various academic and non-academic disciplines and those working in an inter or transdisciplinary setting.

The programme of the conference is very diverse and promising with presentations, keynotespeakers, workshops, cultural programme, exhibitions and many moments for participants to meet & network.

The first week of October 2013 we will publish the final programme online!

The following streams will be present : Familiy Quality of Life, Social Inclusion, Social inclusion representation, Quality of Life History, policy & rights, Agency empowerment, Reciprocity friendship, Inclusive education, Inclusive employment and inclusive methods.

We hoop to meet & see you in Amsterdam at the conference!