A framework for an integrated process for improving quality of life

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Alice Schippers, Ivan Brown, Nina Zuna, M. Verdugo, Dana Roth, L. Croce



Soort publicatie


Gepubliceerd in

Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 2014, 27(4): 378-380. Special Issue: Abstracts of the Fourth International IASSIDD Europe Regional Congress 14–17 July, 2014, Vienna




Purpose: This Roundtable presents a conceptual framework for integrating quality of life at the policy, practice, and personal levels, and for recording overall outcomes. It also demonstrates application of the framework through two case examples. Rationale: Quality of life for individuals and families is best realized if policy and practice are integrated with one another, and also with interventions at the personal level. In 2012, Schalock and Verdugo introduced a method for integrating the former, and Schippers, Zuna, and Brown recently addressed the latter by adding a third level: individual- and family-level living. Also, indicators of quality of life outcomes were added to the framework; these are considered to be the focus in which we are ultimately interested. Published literature has called for applying quality of life conceptual work to practical experience; in response, this workshop illustrates, through two case examples, how the integrated framework is being applied in services in two countries. Factors that facilitate and detract from such application are identified and discussed in relation to the major philosophical views of our field. This workshop presents an integrated conceptual framework for applying quality of life effectively. Two presenters illustrate how the framework works in practical situations.