Oproep: artikelen schrijven voor het EAIE summer Forum magazine

Social responsibility has become part of the international higher education agenda. This is reflected in the attention given to the social dimension in EU-funded programmes, in the increasing number of service learning (service in the community) opportunities being offered to students as well as the effort to reach out to non-traditional learners.

The summer edition of Forum will explore the increased reliance by governments and society on international higher education in order to respond to global issues. EAIE is looking for articles on the following topics:

-Access to international education: students with disabilities, minorities, mature students; access based on talent versus financial means.

-EU level policies, funding and scholarships: improving access and promoting international mobility.

-Curriculum development: increased service learning; focus on liberal arts education; creating ‘global graduates’.

-Partnerships in higher education: international research collaboration; partnerships with institutions in developing countries; university-industry collaboration.

EAIE  also welcomes contributions of articles unrelated to the theme, which are highly topical or innovative.

Visit the EAIE website to download sample articles.

Each article should be between 800 and 1200 words in length, and should be written in a journalistic style as opposed to a scholarly article. If you are interested in submitting an article, please send your work to publications@eaie.org by 1 June 2013.