DSiN Research and PhD meetings 2019 -1


We invite you hereby kindly to join our Disability Studies in Nederland Research and PhD meetings 2019. 

We organize these meetings at the VU Amsterdam to give (PhD)-researchers connected to DSiN the opportunity to exchange and learn. Students, researchers (of the future) can meet and discuss on their plans and interests in research in the Disability Studies field. 


11.00 hrs - Introduction by Prof. Dr. Geert Van Hove.

11.15 hrs - Lecture by Adi Hollander (independent artist, Ms in Art, Culture & Society, MIT 2016) and Eva Fotiadi (PhD, lecturer in design theory, AKV St Joost).

In a short presentation Adi and Eva will talk about The OtherAbilities. The OtherAbilities is conceived as a three-day festival and a workshop. It brings together art and science professionals who create objects and situations that enable people to share experiences and activities whether or not they share the same physical abilities. We hope to signal the possibility for a paradigm shift from disability to otherability. By merging art and technology we are exploring the possibility of creating cultural events and artifacts that are not specifically meant for disabled or non-disabled audiences, but from which no body is excluded.

Sofie Sergeant will try to make a link from the introduction of Geert Van Hove and the lecture of Eva Fotiadi and Adi Hollander towards our own field of Disability Studies related research. This way we learn to know each other better and we can connect the input of Geert, Eva and Adi to our work. 

After the introduction and presentation we make time for questions and discussion. 

13.00 hrs - finish

There will be lunch available. 

If you didn't let us know whether you'll be present or not, please let us know a.s.a.p. due to lunch reservations. 


Please read attached document "The Other Abilities" as preparation. 

Please think - in advance - about links with your own work and field of interest. This way we can make this meeting work for all of us.


Please feel welcome to forward this invitation to other researchers. All it takes to attend our meetings is to sign up for meeting and lunch (let us know if there are any special dietary needs). Signing up can be done by mail to gerda.vanwees@disabilitystudies.nl.

Restricted/ Open

Medical Faculty
Meeting Room C-073

The location is wheelchair friendly. See attached ground plan with instructions. 

Enter the building at the red dot 7-9. After entering the building and passing the elevators turn left into a long hallway, almost at the end, left hand side you will find room C-073.

Sign up

Please let us know if you can/will join us due to lunch reservations.

Signing up can be done by mail to gerda.vanwees@disabilitystudies.nl.


Adi Hollander (independent artist, Ms in Art, Culture & Society, MIT 2016)
Eva Fotiadi (PhD, lecturer in design theory, AKV St Joost)