2nd disABILITY MUNDUS doctoral school in Leuven


Call for participation of doctoral students to the 2nd disABILITY MUNDUS doctoral school Leuven (Belgium) June 30 – July 2, 2013

Conveners: Patrick Devlieger, Jacqueline Kool, Hans Reinders, Alice Schippers, Megan Strickfaden & Isabelle Ville

Disability Studies is an evolving discipline that encompasses multiple disciplinary perspectives, methods, and knowledge types. In this doctoral school, we will be pointing out how we can study the less obvious material and technical perspectives in disability studies, explore visual and other methods that have been underused, and consider a type of knowledge, techné, that could be rediscovered and incorporated in disability research endeavors.

Doctoral students who research aspects of disability and who have already completed one year of doctoral training are invited to participate. In order to apply, please send the following information to Patrick.Devlieger@soc.kuleuven.be by April 30th:

-Name and affiliation, title of your doctoral project, indication that you have already completed one year of doctoral study, and a 500 word abstract of the doctoral project;

-A 500 word description of the type of knowledge your research intends to generate and to what extent ‘techné’ or technical knowledge is part of the objective; technical knowledge points to techniques of the body, skills, and considerations of objects and environments;

-A 500 word description of the research methods that are used in your research; consider to what extent these methods include visual methods, and how your methods focus or do not focus on material culture.

Accepted doctoral students will receive a reading package. Discussions will be focused on updated perspectives in disability studies, including methods, and knowledge, as it pertains to participants’ projects.

Accepted participants will be requested a fee of 80 euro to cover the cost of coffee breaks, some meals and receptions. Participants are warmly invited to also attend the ALTER Annual Meeting of the Society for Disability Research which follows the doctoral school on 4-5 July 201 and which is also taking place in Leuven.