During the conference there will be concurrent paper and poster presentations on the following themes:

a. To be or not to be? The connection between ‘disability’ and ‘being’
b. What distinguishes disability studies?
c. How does disability experience affect quality of life?
d. Multi Cultural Perspectives on Quality of Life

Instructions for abstracts Disability Studies conference 2010

Abstracts of papers or posters submitted for presentation at the Disability Studies conference 2010 at the VU University in Amsterdam should include the following information and meet the below criteria.


1.       Full title of the presentation (no more than 100 characters + spaces), clearly indicating the content to be presented

2.       Indication of preferred medium of presentation: oral or poster

3.       Theme of the parallel session for which the abstract is being submitted (a. To be or not to be, b. What distinguishes disability studies?, c. How does disability experience affect quality of life?, d. Multi Cultural Perspectives on Quality of Life)

4.       Names of all authors, with the first (given) name first, followed by the middle initial(s), if any, and the family name. Example: Peter G. Smith, Mary A. Jones and John Brown.

5.       Email address of the presenting author

6.       The name of the affiliated institution, project, programme or organisation of the presenting author

7.       A structured abstract, containing the following sections: Aim, Methods, Results and Conclusions

8.       Abstracts must be in English

9.       The name of the presenting author should be underlined.

10.    The abstract should have a maximum of 350 words

11.    Deadline for submission: October 1st, 2010

12.    Abstracts should be sent by e-mail to: 

Christine Dedding,