What we do

Disability Studies in the Netherlands stimulates research and education in the field of Disability Studies.

The Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, hosts the Chair in Disability Studies, which works on ‘disability as a social phenomenon’. An important objective of the Chair is to initiate the Disability Studies field in the Netherlands and to stimulate cooperation in education and research between research groups at the Vrije Universiteit Medical Center (VUmc) and various other university faculties.

In addition to research and education DSiN encourages the establishment of inclusive cities and towns by carrying out several projects.

Research results are published in (scientific and other) papers, and presented at conferences and symposia. Outreach and dissemination events are organised on a regular basis, varying from a lunch lecture to a research seminar or a neighborhood meeting. A current overview can be found in the agenda.

More information about the various activities of DSiN can be found under the respective sub-menus: