About us

Disability Studies in Nederland (DSiN) is a foundation, started in 2009, with the purpose to realise the academic discipline of Disability Studies in the Netherlands.

DSiN stimulates and initiates research and education in the field of Disability Studies. Creating, sharing and evaluating knowledge is used as a means to contribute to social change and to improve participation and inclusion of people with disabilities in society. A further connection between science and practice is stimulated through its focus on practice-based evidence and evidence-based practice.

DSiN collaborates with a diverse group of stakeholders:

  • Scientific - and Humanities universities; 
  • Other knowledge institutions;
  • Government and government institutions;
  • Patient-/clientorganisations;
  • Financial partners.

DSiN and its partners have founded the Disability Studies Chair at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht.

Since December 2020 Prof. dr. Alice Schippers is the holder of the Chair in Disability Studies.

Mieke Cardol is applied research professor ‘Disability Studies; Diversity in Participation' at the Research Centre Innovations in Care of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences since 2012. This research group came into being in cooperation with DSiN.

The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMW) has funded the research program ‘Disability Studies’, which ran between 2010 and 2012.


Objectives of the DSiN foundation are:

  • Developing a structural and coherent program of research and education in the field of Disability Studies;
  • Promoting theoretical and conceptual knowledge on this subject;
  • Creating opportunities for researchers, teachers and supervisors with disabilities;
  • Building a knowledge network of stakeholders, including researchers, advocates, teachers, professionals in the fields of care and employment, policy experts, and experts by experience;
  • Building inclusive cities and towns;
  • Linking science and practice, and scientific, practical and experiential knowledge.

About the name

The name "Disability Studies in the Netherlands" has been chosen to connect to the international field of Disability Studies whilst also showing that we want to develop the discipline in the contemporary Dutch context.