Painting pictures: Towards connecting through imagery in dialogues with young people with intellectual disabilities

The authors discuss pivotal themes in the use of imagery (visual and verbal) as a method to engage in dialogue with young people with intellectual disability (ID). In their discussion they reflect on co-occurring changes in Dutch society, the nature of caregiving, and the increasing appeals for empowerment for and by people with ID. A critical dialogue is used to analyse experiences with imagery from their previous research, and the possibilities imagery harbours to improve dialogues on quality of life with young people with ID. Through analysis of the critical dialogue, five themes were identified: leitmotiv, ambiguity, choice, revelation, and distance. To conclude, the authors discuss why family members and professional support workers should consider using imagery as a productive methodology.

Hanna Peels en Sofie Sergeant
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International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies, 2018,  9 (4): 125–145