Theme 4: Pimp Your Bag

At the entrance there was a long, low, decorated table. The table laid full of materials that we -completely without cost- received from our sponsors. Booklets, folders, ballpoint pens, boxes, compasses, … our congress bags were made of durable materials and contained one of our DSiN-cartoons. A wooded DSiN keyring hanged from the bag as well. At the Pimp Your Bag Stand people were invited to choose a bag (with accompanied cartoon) and fill it with their materials of choice. People were able to walk around the table for themselves and choose. This way, every congress goer had their own personalised bag. And you didn’t receive things you would just throw away afterwards.

At this stand there were employees that could offer explanations and help.

This way, people were actively concerned and invited at the entrance to think about ‘what suits me?’, ’What do I bring along?’, ‘Who am I in relation to the theme?’. We received amazing reactions to the Pimp Your Bag happening.

The bags were designed and made by De Postkamer in Nijkerk. At De Postkamer people with and without disabilities work together.