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Little big voices

Submitted by Olga Múries Cantán on Wed, 20/02/2019 - 15:57

Around six years ago I had the opportunity to support a girl with an intellectual disability (ID) at her home. We used to do some domestic activities and went swimming afterwards twice a week. She enjoyed a lot being in the water and I enjoyed sharing with her those joyful moments. I used to talk with her mother about some concerns and challenges she was facing together with her family because of her daughter’s disability. We talked also about positive and motivating issues related with the development and achievements of the ‘swimmer’. But I started to be curious about what the siblings think, feel or experience because of their family situation. For me, that was the starting point of an exciting and sometimes overwhelming journey that has led me to the Netherlands for the second time in four years.

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Changing perspectives

Submitted by Olga Múries Cantán on Sun, 06/03/2016 - 17:06

Is it possible to change the way we are working with the disability from a center-based model to a family quality of life approach? Can I do something to improve the practice or the research in the field in my country? Will it be possible for me to help people with disabilities, their parents and siblings to have a better live? What could be my role on the practice? These are just a few questions I was wondering when I came to the Netherlands.