• Huntendwarspop

    Elinor Gittins

    8 October 2016

    Last month I travelled to Zutphen to meet Gert Rebergen. I was there to interview him about Huntendwarspop, an initiative to make a more inclusive, accessible music festival in The Netherlands. Gert works together with the small, familial festival Huntenpop in Ulft. Gert’s initiative acts as an interruption to this festival; by adding the word dwars to its name, his idea effectively cuts through the typical festival experience. After many years of attending music festivals, Gert grew increasingly frustrated by the lack of people with disabilities at these events. He decided to ask around his network, formed through a life’s work in the care industry. Why are people with disabilities so rarely attending music festivals?

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  • Disability simulation and experience

    Mitzi Waltz

    30 September 2016

    The Week van de Toegankelijkheid, an annual campaign for greater public accessibility by the network of Dutch disability organisations Ieder(in), begins officially on 3 October and runs through the 8th. While attending an early event this week, I had occasion to think more broadly about how people who have no personal experience of disability view and learn about the issue of “accessibility.”

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  • Proxy vote & right to vote of people with disability

    Yunho Bae

    7 March 2016

    While I lived in the Netherlands for 2 years, I could experience various things. Whenever I encounter something new, I tried to understand them on the basis of tradition and culture of the Netherlands. Among them, proxy voting was one of the most difficult things to understand.

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  • Changing perspectives

    Olga Múries Cantán

    6 March 2016

    Is it possible to change the way we are working with the disability from a center-based model to a family quality of life approach? Can I do something to improve the practice or the research in the field in my country? Will it be possible for me to help people with disabilities, their parents and siblings to have a better live? What could be my role on the practice? These are just a few questions I was wondering when I came to the Netherlands. 

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